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Logistics/ Freight

New Trans launched the Logistics Department in July 2010 as a consolidator for all activities provided by New Trans aiming to offer our customers one package of service for their all import/export traffic.

A highly qualified staff connected to the ITC system and acquainted with all shipment types, procedures, and documentation.

High communication and negotiation skills to grant each shipment smoother delivery at an affordable cost.

A network of local offices covering all Egyptian ports.

Support of New Trans' trucking facilities and customs clearance competencies.

We also offer storing for passing goods imported from any country through the Free Zone, especially in Suez, as we own an area of 5000 square meters in Suez Free Zone "Adabeia", which is 3 km away from the harbour. This facilitates quick transport and ease of handling of cargos.

Our experience goes beyond serving our clients, we have experience dealing with other parties as charters/receivers and attending to their needs solving any problems wisely that may arise between concerned parties in the most amicable manner. 

Looks forward to offering the Egyptian Market a special level of Integrated Logistics Solution (ILS).

Looks forward to offering our customers coverage of both inbound/outbound shipments from ex-works up to its point of delivery.

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